Stubbington Day Four

Today we got soaking wet. It has rained all day!!!

Last night we played Stubbington Scramble. We had to find the teachers because they had questions that we had to answer about the Stubbington site in the dark. Luckily some of us had torches so we found it much easier. Table 11 won. (Harry M and Harry B sit on that table.)

This morning we completed Earthquake. We had to go over obstacles whilst carrying heavy items, including a ladder, a baby, a spade, a first aid kit, a blanket, a mobile phone, medicine and a big box of food. One of the obstacles was called ‘Lava Leap’ and we had to grab on to a rope and swing over very deep water. Emily B and Jack fell in and got wet feet.  Lots of us were very brave and were pushed to our limits in the activities. We also crawled through a pipe called the ‘Sewer’. It was muddy and full of slugs and snails. We had to score our team work and we supported every member to complete the challenges, even when they found it tricky.
This afternoon we went pond dipping in the rain and found fish, leeches, dragon fly nymph and lots of other creatures. We then created shelters and by this point we were soaking. The idea was to create a shelter that was waterproof and safe. To test the shelters we had to get in and Miss Page and Mrs Dean had to throw small buckets of water at our shelters. The last shelter to be tested was Adam, Caitlin, Emily B, Alice S and Harry M’s and they got the rest of the big bucket of water from Miss Page, although Adam blamed Mrs Dean!!!
This evening we have the S Factor and we are all looking forward to sharing our wonderful songs that we have been learning all week. We are keen to share these with you when we get home tomorrow so please ask us all about it.
In the morning we are completing a wide game called Stubbington fox, before having lunch and coming home. Miss Page thinks we shall all fall asleep on the way home tomorrow because we are really tired.

Stubbington Day Three

Our third day at Stubbington has been a busy day.

Our scores improved for our room inspections as we were all tired after visiting the hide last night and so settled down quickly to sleep. We also improved our tidying skills and every room scored more than yesterday.
We saw three foxes in the hide last night and after a long wait we also saw a badger. It was 10 o’clock before we all got to bed, but it was worth it.

 This morning we collected our mammal hotels and hopefully you have seen the pictures. Nathan and Jack caught a female and called it Bev, and Kyle and Matthew caught a male and called it Kevin. It was very exciting. We studied the woodmice in the classroom and drew very detailed sketches of them including how they are adapted to their environment.
This afternoon we made special egg protectors to improve our teamwork. We had to earn counters in order to buy the materials that we would like to use to protect our egg so it wouldn’t smash. Some of these games were tricky but all of them gave us the chance to win counters. The materials we could then buy were bubble wrap, stuffing, some people used flora tubs, plastic bags and egg cups. Leeona, Freya, Caitlin, Emily B, Emily H and Flora wrapped theirs in stuffing and bubble wrap and put it in a flora tub. Kyle, Thomas, Harry B, Matthew, James and Jack wrapped theirs in the same way. Both of these groups eggs survived the catapult on the hard court and they did not smash or crack.
This evening we had chicken nuggets and chips for dinner and we are taking part in a wide game where we hunt for clues around the grounds in the dark. We enjoy supper when we can have a drink of Milk and a Stubby Biscuit. We all like stubby biscuits.
Tomorrow we are completing an activity called Earthquake where we have to work in teams to navigate a disaster zone.
Thank you for all of your comments.
Year Five

Stubbington Day Two

We missed out on cabbage and custard this morning as the lorry got stuck in the fog. YAY!!!

This morning, after breakfast, we had our first room inspections. We were scored out of 15 and the drying room, bathrooms, and our bedrooms were checked. Miss Page and Mrs Dean also gave us a score out of 5 for how quiet we were when we slept. Four out of five rooms were scored 2 out of 5. Niamh, Leeona, Freya, Bella and Lauren’s room scored 3. (There is still room for improvement)

We brushed our teeth (Lauren has her toothbrush, mum) and got ready for our activities at the beach. We created rock pools; Harry B, Harry M, Lauren and Leeona found a crab and Adam, Keiron, Caitlin, Flora and Nathan found an anemone and put them in their tubs. Emily H, Jack, Freya and Nathaniel found a stack of slipper limpets.
We then created sand castles and Niamh, Alice B, Kelsey and Finley’s group won. Their castle had a moat and a wall.
We looked for fossils and Alice S and Adam found a sharks tooth each. These are very rare and we had to look very carefully.
For lunch today we had ham rolls, tuna rolls, sausage rolls, cheese rolls and a chocolate cake.
This afternoon we set up our mammal hotels. Matthew and Kyle hid theirs in a plastic tunnel. They are hoping for a vole in the morning. Thomas and James are hoping for either a wood mouse or a vole.
This evening we are going to the hide. Emily B is hoping to see a fox and Ruby is hoping to see a badger. We are all very excited as we are also having a talk this evening from a wildlife photographer.
We have enjoyed reading your comments. Thank-you. Lots of us have sent postcards home today too.

Stubbington November 2015

Our journey to Stubbington was successful and didn’t take us too long, despite the fog.

Once we arrived, we unpacked (it took a while) and settled into our rooms. Most of us have tidy rooms although a few of us, including Matthew still need to find a place for everything. We have a room inspection in the morning so I am sure everything will be tidy by then.
We had a fascinating stroll to the beach after lunch, where we found lots of shells and learnt about what lived in the shells and how they ate. We also learnt about uni valve and bi valve shells. We were allowed to bring two back to our classroom. Some of us even found lucky stones. We also saw three dead jellyfish along the beach. It was still quite foggy and we couldn’t see the Isle of Wight. For some of us it was a long walk and the fresh air made us very hungry.
For tea we had the option of chicken nuggets, sausage, pasty salad chips. For dessert we had the choice of a doughnut, chocolate cake, yogurt. Jack had a chocolate doughnut.
This evening we are going to the Great Chamber to listen to information about the animals we might see here at  Stubbington. We are very excited about the possibility of seeing a badger or a fox.
We are looking forward to breakfast tomorrow because there is a selection of cereals, cooked breakfast, cabbage and custard, and toast, with a choice of spread.
We have started working in different houses to earn points and started to learn our songs ready for the ‘S Factor’ on Thursday. We also had a fire practice -Lauren, Bella and Leeona thought it was an extremely unforgettable moment as it was so loud.
Hopefully we are going to have a good nights sleep tonight…. Some of us really need it.