Stubbington Day 4

Hey everybody! Well, we have had an awesome time and it isn’t over yet!Last night, we went to the hide and, as we were able to stay relatively quiet, we saw 2 foxes! They were feasting on sausages, which made some of us giggle! They were stuffing LOADS in their mouth and then running away, so we thought they were pretty greedy!

Last night, we also read some of your blog posts. We have had lots of questions about our favourite activities, and we all have a variety of answers. Some said that they loved the ‘egg-streme challenge’, some loved finding some mammals in our hotels, but mostly we loved going to the beach! One of us said that we enjoyed spending time with our friends, as often there are so many other activities in our daily lives it is hard to talk!

This morning, we woke up to see the sun shining! Today is Harry’s birthday, and he has reached double digits… He is 10! He woke to banners, a giant birthday badge and lots of people singing happy birthday to him! We all think he is a lucky boy to be sharing his birthday at such a fantastic place!

During this morning, the dorm rooms were gaining their highest scores yet and we were really pleased! This is mainly due to the children’s fantastic sleeping skills! The children have been very very good at going to sleep each night, so that they are ready and raring for each jam packed day. Parents, you should be very proud!

This morning, we were onto one of the activities that we had all been looking forward to… EARTHQUAKE! We became a rescue team and had to manoeuvre over various obstacles with food rations, medicine, a ladder and lots more! We absolutely loved the ‘lava leap’, where we had to rope swing across a pool of lava (actually a muddy puddle!).

This afternoon, we were doing 2 activities. First, we did some pond dipping. We made a really good catch – the great water boatmen, fish and a giant dragonfly nimph! The biggest that our instructor had ever seen! After this, we put our teamwork to the test once again in order to build some shelters. The children worked hard to make them waterproof, especially as Mrs Tyler and Miss Wood decided to get their own back on the class by testing the shelters were waterproof! This meant using buckets of water! We can safely say, some of the shelters were good, but some definitely needed a little improvement!


This evening, after a spot of ‘Pass the Parcel’ to celebrate both Harry’s birthday today and Aiden’s birthday tomorrow, we moved onto the highlight of the evening activities… The S Factor! All week, the teams had taken part in team challenges and rehearsing a song for this evening. The teachers became the judges and the whole evening was filled with laughter! Miss Wood was the leader of the Badger team and decided to create a new song, and so she was very excited! It was tough competition, but the winning team was …. The BADGERS!

After supper, about half of us decided to head back to the hide in the hope of seeing a real badger. All I can say is that tonight was a great night for viewing wildlife – we waited patiently for about 20 minutes before we caught our first glance of a badger…. And then another…. And then another and 2 foxes as well! They were chomping away on bread rolls tonight!

See you tomorrow everyone! Crondall, we will be delivering back to you some tired, but very happy children who have had the adventure of a lifetime!

Stubbington Day 3

Well hello there and welcome to blog number 3! Today has been another exciting day. Everybody got a little bit more sleep last night (being outside and getting all that fresh air makes us all very tired!), so we were bright eyed and bushy tailed (see what we did there? Just like a fox!) and ready for another day of adventure.
This morning was the moment we had been waiting for… We went to see if any little mammals had decided to make use of our luxurious, 5 star hotels that we set out for them last night. We were lucky enough to find 2 mammals! One was a female wood mouse, who we called Lilly, and the other was a female bank vole, who was called Kelly! We were really pleased to find the vole, because it was much more rare!

After a usual yummy lunch (yum!) , it was back to the beach! First, we looked for living creatures to put in our very own rock pools. We had to find some bi-valve and uni-valve sea creatures, and 2 of us even found an anemome! While we were waiting to see our creatures start moving around our rock pools, we had a sandcastle competition and created some amazing, sensational creations. With turrets, walls and seaweed as our moats, they were very impressive. We also had a search for some fossils too! One of the centre’s teachers, Mr Nash, said that it would be very difficult for us to find any shark’s teeth. However, we managed to find a grand total of 10! Finally, we went to find out what our rock pools looked like and we found our anemones opened and paths in the sand! Who would have thought that a trip to the beach in November could be so much fun!image image

After this, it was time for the usual – our house challenges, dinner and free time. We have just played our wide game where Miss Wood was particularly excited as she and the other staff dressed up as a pirates and hid around the grounds, while the children had to find them in order to find out which pirates stole the treasure (ARGH! SHIVER ME TIMBERS!).

As if that is not enough, we are now going to visit the hide to see if we can see any real life badgers and foxes! We will have to be silent…. We will let you know our findings tomorrow!

Thank you for all of your messages parents… We very much appreciate them and cannot wait to answer any questions when we are back!

All our love,

The Year 5 Bloggers!

Stubbington Day 2

Greetings from Stubbington on day 2 and we are pleased to say that the weather is still good! Not quite so sunny as yesterday but It is not raining! Without further ado, let us tell you about the adventures of the day.
When we woke up ( at the very respectable hour of 7am!) most of us sat and read quietly before getting dressed, ready for the day. There were a few very excited boys that were bouncing around, but it was mainly because they were eager to tidy their rooms ready for inspection! We were then treated to a cooked breakfast and cereals ready for a LONG day! After that, it was time for inspection. Some of the rooms were INCREDIBLY tidy and Miss Wood found it hard to spot anything to improve! Parents, look forward to some tidy bedrooms when your child gets home… Maybe! Anyway, the owl and kestrel team got the flag today.

This morning, was the egg-streme challenge! We had to do lots of challenging activities to win counters. We would use the counters to buy materials and pots to protect our eggs. They would then be flung off a catapult to see if the eggs had cracked! We even named our eggs Eggsy, Shelldon and Egginator Junior. All survived, but more than anything we learnt that we were pretty good at working in a team!

After lunch, we heard some devastating news. Mr Scarborough, the head of the centre had heard that the animal’s habitat area was going to be knocked down in return for a car park. We knew that we had to do something quick, so we grabbed our clipboards and pencils and we found evidence of animals in their habitat to prove that it was essential to keep it as a conservation area. We found badger holes, snuffle holes, badger tracks, scratching posts, but also some droppings. All in all we did a super job in helping to save the area!

Then, we went on to creating our own mammal hotels! They were 5 star, luxury hotels with food and bedding! We hid them in the undergrowth, and so we will return tomorrow to see if we have found any mice hiding out there!

Today was a day of firsts. It was our first trip to the tuck shop. We bought lots of things, including an owl named Omlette, Squiree the flying squirrel and some very cute Stubby bears! Tonight we heard our first wildlife photography chat with a super photographer called Dennis. As if that was not enough, we had a surprise visit from Mrs Tyler and Miss Page! They both joined in with our house challenges and enjoyed seeing how tidy our rooms were! Thank you for the visit Mrs Tyler!

We hope you have all had a lovely day, and that it’s not too quiet without us! We hope Chloe and Mya are having fun and we would love to hear from you!

Stubbington Day 1

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Stubbington blog! We are very excited to keep you up to date with our adventures and hope you are equally as excited to read about it!

We are on our first evening and we have to say that we have had a lot of fun! It all began this morning. The sun was out, the sky was blue and we were ready and raring to go! We headed onto the coach and After an hour of travelling, we arrived safely at Stubbington.

We were taken to our dorm rooms and were really happy with our bunk buddies, but there was no time to lose, because we had to get going onto a presentation by the head of the centre, Mr Scarborough. He told us our plans for the week, and then before we knew it was lunch time!

Lunch was yummy! It was rolls, spaghetti hoops and fish fingers ( don’t worry parents, there are vegetables and salad too). We made sure that we ate lots because the afternoon was going to be jam packed!

With our our warm clothes and waterproofs on, this afternoon we headed to the BEACH! There was a beautiful sunset and so lots of pictures were taken. We collected different types of shells and the instructor told us all about different types of shells! One type of creature, called a whelk,drills into other creature’s shells to eat the insides….. Urgh! We are heading back to the beach on Wednesday where we will embark on our fossil hunt, sand castle competition and rock pool making.

We have just had a fire drill, and we were very quick and silent! We are just doing a spot of sketching of the shells that we collected from the beach and will be off to a presentation in 10 minutes to find a little more about the creatures we will be discovering….. So we must go! Hope you enjoy reading, and look forward to hearing your responses tomorrow!

Year 5’s Stubbington Adventure 2017

Well, it is Saturday and Year 5’s Stubbington Adventure is almost upon us! Yesterday, Year 5 left school for the weekend, equipped with a lot of answered questions and a task to pack their bags ready for next week! I am sure this weekend will be filled with a mixture of nerves and excitement, but one thing is for sure…. Next week certainly will be one big, fun adventure!

Do not forget to keep yourself up to date with our residential on this blog, we would love to hear from you!