Osmington Bay – Day Four

A message from Mrs Jackson, Miss Page and Mrs Pitcher (as the children are fast asleep after dancing the night away at the disco).

We have had an extremely busy day today and have not had a moment to stop and write the blog hence why it’s late.

Last night the children played Ambush and hid around the site in two groups. Group 1 worked with Vinnie, our Groupie, and Group 2 worked with Chloe, another PGL instructor, but unfortunately Chloe really didn’t know the rules of the game! So Group 2 lost the first round but managed to make everyone in Group 1 jump after hiding behind the vending machines. It was a draw in the end.

The children all settled well last night and we woke this morning to bright blue skies. Our activities today included trapeze and a beach walk followed by raft building this afternoon. We have attached some pictures of some of the children high up on the trapeze where they had to climb up a telegraph pole and jump off, trying to hit a ball and also one from yesterday’s giant swing.  Raft building this afternoon was brilliant fun and the children particularly enjoyed the fact that Vinnie came with us and helped to get them all wet.

We have just returned from the disco where the children have been strutting their stuff to the ‘cha cha slide’, ‘5,6,7,8’ and many more. Their disco clothes have all been packed away and we are ready for fencing and the zip wire in the morning.

The children have all been fantastic this week and we are incredibly proud of them all for trying new things and testing their limits. See you all tomorrow.



Osmington – Day Three

What a change with the weather! Today has been brilliant blue skies and lovely warm weather! (Just in time for Thomas’ birthday)

The children all slept fantastically last night and the tooth fairy even paid a visit to Adam and James. This morning, Miss Page had to wake most of the children up as they were fast asleep after all of our activities yesterday especially the cluedo where we solved some clues to find the culprit that had kidnapped Snappy.

Today we took the coach over to Portland where we put our wetsuits on and went kayaking. It was glorious weather over in Portland but the water was very chilly. Miss Page, Mrs Jackson, Emily P, Alice B, Niamh, Matthew and some of the other children can confirm this as they were tipped out of their kayaks by the instructors! We played some games and we were all really upset to have to get out of the water and go and get changed to come back for lunch, which today was jacket potatoes.

This afternoon we have been orienteering and group 2 had a go on the giant swing after they missed out yesterday because of the weather. Even Emily B and Nathan had a go after they told us all they weren’t going to go on it. We were all really proud of them both. Miss Page had some brilliant pictures and some videos which we can share with you when we are back.

Group 1 had a go at a sensory trail where they had to feel their way around some obstacles whilst blindfolded. Lots of people fell over.

Thank you all very much for your replies.

Year 3- Lauren, Harry B and Emily P hit the bullseye on the archery and Finley, Adam, Matthew hit the yellow or the red.

Year 2- as you will have read lots of us ended up in the water but it was lovely and refreshing!

Thomas had just had a birthday surprise at dinner and shared a birthday cake with some of his friends.

Tonight we are playing a game called Ambush where we will work in two teams to hide around the site and then find each other using clues. We are all currently enjoying the sweets and goodies we have bought from the shop. The favourite choice seems to be ‘millions’.

Hope you are all ok back at school and it is not too hot!



Osmington Bay – Day Two

image image image

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your lovely comments. We believe you have all had a really sunny warm day in Crondall but unfortunately, here in Osmington it has been raining all day! This impacted on Group 2’s morning as we were unable to go on the giant swing as we also had thunder and lightning!! At least group 1 managed to get on to the giant swing this morning and we know that Nathaniel lost his hearing on the swing due to Mrs Jackson’s loud screaming!

All of us got kitted up this morning for indoor climbing too, which was great fun. Have a look at the pictures we have uploaded.

This afternoon we climbed Jacob’s Ladder. We got into pairs and helped each other reach the top. In group 2, Finley and Niamh managed to reach the top! In group 1, Lauren, Freya, Adam and Thomas also reached the top. We have also been perfecting our archery skills this afternoon and all now want to be Katness from the Hunger Games.

Most of us have been enjoying the tea and coffee facilities here at Osmington and many have been drinking hot drinks for the first time. Lunchtime was baguettes, and the children had a selection of different fillings. We have just got back from dinner and we had a choice of chicken, pie or vegetarian curry.

This evening we are visiting the shop and taking part in a game called Cluedo around the site. We are hoping for fabulous weather tomorrow (especially the teachers) as we are bound to be getting wet when we go kayaking!



Osmington Day One

Hi everyone,

We have all settled into our rooms and have just got back from our first dinner at Osmington. Ruby had tomato pasta with garlic bread and she said it was great! Alice S had fish fingers with chips, peas and carrots. She also enjoyed it.

We have a really good view from our rooms and we can see Portland in the distance where we will be kayaking and raft building.

This evening we are having a camp fire where we will be learning some songs to sing to all of you when we are back.

Everyone is having lots of fun already and hopefully tonight will go well. (Niamh is hoping for a good nights sleep!)

I’m sure we will have more to tell you all tomorrow.

Wish us all a good nights sleep, Miss Page, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Pitcher and Year Six.