Stubbington Day 4

Hey everybody! Well, we had had an awesome time and it isn’t over yet! Last night, we went to the hide and, as we were able to stay relatively quiet, we saw lots and lots of foxes! They were feasting on sausages, which made some of us giggle! They were stuffing LOADS in their mouth and then running away, so we thought they were pretty greedy! Unfortunately, one of the animals we were desperate to see, the badger, did not make an appearance tonight, but we will see if we can head along again tonight to try again! We know badgers are more timid, so we thought of some tips to contain our excitement when waiting! Watch this space.

This morning, we woke up to see the sun shining! We have had lots of questions about the weather and we have to say that it has been fine, but a little cold. But no fear, we are trained professionals in dressing warm with our waterproofs and wellies!

This morning, the dorm rooms were gaining their highest scores yet during inspection and we were really pleased! Year 6 asked who was winning, and it has been very close so far! You will have to ask us who the winners are next week!

Our first activity this morning was to head back to the conservation area and see what was in our mammal hotels that we had set out yesterday. We headed into the undergrowth, only to find that no less than 5 small mammals had made use of our facilities! Two bank voles and three long tailed field mice. We studied them and had a good look at them when we completed our sketches of them! I have to say, that as well as the children’s excitement, it was really lovely to see how excited the teachers were.

After lunch, we were onto one of the activities that we had all been looking forward to… EARTHQUAKE! We became a rescue team and had to manoeuvre over various obstacles with food rations, medicine, a stretcher, a ladder and lots more! We absolutely loved the ‘lava leap’, where we had to rope swing across a pool of lava (actually a muddy puddle!). Only a few of us fell into the pool of lava…. Parents, you will have to wait and see if it was your child tomorrow when we are going to return!

This evening, was the highlight of the evening activities… The S Factor! All week, the teams had taken part in team challenges and rehearsing a song for this evening. The teachers became the judges and the whole evening was filled with laughter! It was tough competition, but the winning team was the Owls, who was the team led by Mrs Tyler! Second place was the badger team, who were led by Miss Wood…. We were all very please with ourselves.

Tonight, we had a few of us that wanted to head back to the hide to see if we could see a badger! We waited patiently and …… We saw a badger! The children were ecstatic and we have photo evidence too!

See you tomorrow everyone! Crondall, we will be delivering back to you some tired, but very happy children who have had the adventure of a lifetime!

Stubbington Day 3

Well hello there and welcome to blog number 3! Today has been another exciting day. Everybody got a little bit more sleep last night… So much so that Mrs Tyler had to wake up some of the children in the morning as they slept through the alarm! So we were bright eyed and bushy tailed (see what we did there? Just like a fox!) and ready for another day of adventure.

This morning, was the egg-streme challenge! We had to do lots of challenging activities to win counters. We would use the counters to buy materials and pots to protect our eggs. They would then be flung off a catapult to see if the eggs had cracked! We even named our eggs…. Egg-inburgh, Eggy Ed, Eddie the Egg and Egglet! All survived, but poor Egglet, and Eddie the Egg even lost all his bedding and still survived. All in all, we learnt that we were pretty good at working in a team!

After lunch, we heard some devastating news. Mr Scarborough, the head of the centre had heard that the animal’s habitat area was going to be knocked down in return for a car park! We knew that we had to do something quick, so we grabbed our clipboards and pencils and we found evidence of animals in their habitat to prove that it was essential to keep it as a conservation area. We found badger holes, snuffle holes, badger tracks, scratching posts, but also some droppings (including some fox droppings, which smelt horrendous!) All in all we did a super job in helping to save the area!

Then, we went on to creating our own mammal hotels! They were 5 star, luxury hotels with food and bedding! We hid them in the undergrowth, and so we will return tomorrow to see if we have found any mice hiding out there!

This evening, we got a HUGE surprise as Mrs Tyler (the headteacher) came to visit! She saw all of our rooms and how tidy we were keeping them and we told her all about our adventures! Later on this evening we are playing a wide game where the teachers need to dress up as pirates. AND, as if that was not enough, we are then going to visit the hide to see if we can see any real life badgers! We will have to be silent…. We will let you know our findings tomorrow!

Thank you for all of your messages parents… We very much appreciate them and cannot wait to answer any questions when we are back!

All our love,

The Year 5 Bloggers!

Stubbington day 2

Greetings from Stubbington on day 2 and we are pleased to say that the weather has been lovely today! A little shower this morning even let us see a beautiful rainbow! Before we begin telling you about the adventures of the day, we thought we would answer the questions you asked us.

In reply to Hector and Alfie, we had chocolate donuts and we were only allowed one. We are glad Emma likes Year 4 for now, but hope that she is happy to come back to Year 5 next week! The fox that we saw was sitting really still on a hill and his eyes were shining brightly. He was not howling, because he was a little scared of us! Mrs Dean, Chelsea and lots of the parents asked about the sleep that we had. In all honesty, we were very excited last night, so it was a bit of a late night! We can’t say how much sleep we had, but we can say we are a little tired right now!

When we woke up, we sat and read quietly before getting dressed ready the day. We were treated to a cooked breakfast and cereals ready for a LONG day! After that, it was time to tidy up ready for inspection. We scored between 9.5 and 20 points, but some of the rooms were INCREDIBLY tidy and Miss Wood found it hard to spot anything to improve! Parents, look forward to some tidy bedrooms when your child gets home… Maybe! Anyway, the Kestrel team got the flag today.

Then, it was back to the beach! First, we looked for living creatures to put in our rock pools. Some of the living creatures were hanging onto rocks, so we had to put the rocks in the rock pool too! We even found a crab and an anenome! After that, we did fossil hunting, and as there had been a storm last night, we found LOADS! We found shark’s teeth and tarotella, which we will be bringing home to show you! Then, we had a sandcastle competition and created some amazing, sensational creations with moats, draw bridges, paths, rivers and little villages!

Lunch was, as always, lovely! We had macaroni cheese or sausage rolls! We went pond dipping and found water boatmen, newtlets and little fish. Some children (and adults!) even had a go at acting like the pond creatures! Unfortunately, we dropped a few nets into the pond… Oopsy! Mrs Tyler was like a super hero, because she rescued them!

THEN (yes, can you believe it…. The day was not over yet!), we went onto shelter building and created 4 incredible structures! This was when the teachers got their own back for being kept up last night, and so they ‘tested’ the shelters to see if they were waterproof by throwing water over the shelters, with the children inside! Most of us got soaked, but we are warm and dry now!

Now we are just about to hear about some wildlife photographs from Dennis the photographer! Must dash! We will write tomorrow!


The Year 5 Bloggers.

Stubbington day 1

Hey everyone, we are on our first evening and we have to say that we have had a lot of fun! Let’s tell you all about our day! It all began on the coach. The rain was pouring, the sky was grey, as well as the coach being late, but that didn’t dampen our spirits as we were so excited! After an hour of travelling, and a few of us feeling a little under the weather, we arrived safely at Stubbington… And we’re finding it hard to control our excitement!

We were taken to our dorm rooms and were really really happy with our bunk buddies, but there was no time to lose, because we had to get going onto the safety talk! We had a tour of the centre and learnt that we had to dress appropriately for the circumstances. So, with our wellies and waterproofs on, we headed to the BEACH! We collected different types of shells and the instructor told us all about different types of shells and One of the boys even found a winkle! We also learnt that one type of creature, called a whelk,drills into other creature’s shells to eat the insides….. Urgh! Some of us also found fossils! We are heading back there tomorrow,where we might continue our fossil hunt!

On another note, the food is delicious! Tonight was fish and chips, chicken nuggets and chips or spaghetti hoops( don’t worry parents, there are vegetables and salad too). For pudding, we had donuts, cupcakes, fruit or granola bars!

We have just had a fire drill, and we were very quick and silent! So silent in fact, that we saw a fox sitting on a hill while we lined up! We are now off to find a little more about the creatures we will be discovering later this week….. So we must go! Hope you enjoy reading, and we look forward to hearing your responses tomorrow!

The Year 5 bloggers!

Stubbington 2016

Well, it is November 14th and this time next week the formidable Year 5 will be descending upon Stubbington on our very first residential! I cannot begin to explain our excitement! Check out this blog to find out all about our adventures!

Miss Wood