Stubbington Day 4

We had a mostly dry day today for our activities although it was very windy at the beach!

Our mammal hotels, while 5 star, were not terribly successful but we were still able to study a Bank Vole up close.

This afternoon, we went to the beach. We created rock pools and populated them with living creatures. We went fossil hunting and built sandcastles.

This evening, we had The S Factor competition and went to the hide to watch the badgers again.

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Stubbington 2019 – Day 3

A busy day today! We started by finding out about the creatures that live in two of the ponds here at Stubbington. Following that, we built shelters out of branches. Mr. MacKenzie grudgingly helped by throwing water over two of them to test how waterproof they were.

In the afternoon, we explored the conservation area looking for tracks and signs of the creatures that live there. We then built small mammal hotels and put them out for the night.  Hopefully they will have guests in tomorrow evening.

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As an additional post, we also took time to say thank you to Miss Joyce for coming on the trip and helping out so much. The photos below go to show how much she does. One child, unprompted, described her as, ‘an excellent counterbalance to the teaching style of Mr. MacKenzie’. Another child said that she liked her hat.

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Osmington Bay 2019

Thursday 12th September 2019

Today has been another busy day full of fun activities!

This morning, we went on a coastal walk to see some of the amazing sights in the natural environment close to the centre. The children worked in teams to collect and study Jurassic fossils, such as ammonites. We have collected lots to show you!


After lunch, we returned to Weymouth National Sailing Academy for our next activity, kayaking! The children took part in a variety of team games and individual challenges, pushing their skills to the limit. For most of us, however, the kayak got the upper hand and we were unable to remain dry!

Tomorrow, we will be saying goodbye to Osmington Bay, but we are looking forward to our morning activities, which are fencing and archery. Goodbye for now; see you tomorrow!

Wednesday 11th September 2019

Today has been another exciting day! It has been very cold and windy at Osmington, but we haven’t allowed this to dampen our spirits. Sadly, we said goodbye to Mrs Kestle this morning; however, lucky for us, we welcomed Mrs Leatham to Osmington Bay for the rest of the week!

Our first activity of the day was the giant swing. Having seen the giant swing during our tour of the site – and hearing the screams of the children on the swing throughout the week – lots of us were feeling quite nervous about this activity in particular, but everyone had a go (even Mr Webb). The children were harnessed into a two seater swing before the rest of the group had to haul them up to 10m high. When the children on the swing were ready, they pulled the release cord to send the swing hurtling down towards the ground before swinging up towards the sky. The adrenaline rush was amazing! Nothing like the swings you find at the local park, this breath taking activity has certainly been our favourite so far!

Our next activity of the day was rifle shooting. The children used lightweight air-rifles to hit targets. They worked hard to develop their concentration and stamina, improving their accuracy with practice. Another fantastic achievement; well done Team Crondall!


After lunch, we enjoyed the zip wire. Travelling at high speed, the children were suspended and harnessed from an overhead cable. This truly exhilarating activity was extremely popular and is certainly one that the children are eager to try again and again!

Our last activity of the day was sensory trail. The children had to follow a rope in order to see what surprises were awaiting them. Because they were blindfolded, the children had to rely on all their other senses to tell what was happening. They also had to utilise their problem solving and communication skills to work successfully in a team.


Tomorrow we are looking forward to travelling down to Weymouth Sailing Academy again for kayaking! Until tomorrow, good night from us all.

Tuesday 10th September 2019

We have had a fantastic day! Although they were excited, the children slept well last night.The weather has certainly been an improvement on yesterday and for most of the day we have been enjoying glorious sunshine.We hope it will remain sunny all week!

Our first activity of the day was climbing. Despite some initial hesitation, everyone took part and was proud of their effort. Once on the wall, the children demonstrated excellent strength and agility, challenging themselves to climb higher on each attempt. The children were taught climbing techniques and were also shown how to identify and control risk. Some even learnt how to belay a climber safely! Well done Team Crondall!

Our next activity was tunnel trail. The children had to navigate and explore a series of underground tunnels of different shapes and sizes whilst solving problems and carrying out tasks. We all enjoyed the adventure and worked successfully as a team, demonstrating fantastic determination.

After lunch, we took a short coach ride to Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy for our next activity of the day, raft building. The children had to work in a team to construct a raft that would float and steer using barrels, ropes and wood. They worked successfully, demonstrating clear thinking. The children enjoyed testing their raft out on the water.


This evening, the children were given the opportunity to visit the shop on site.

We are looking forward to the giant swing tomorrow!

Monday 9th September 2019

After a long, tiring coach journey, we have arrived safely at PGL Osmington Bay! Although the weather isn’t great (in fact, it is raining a lot), we are enjoying our first day! We arrived at 15.30 and spent the first hour touring the site – we enjoyed looking at the stunning views of the bay (pictures to follow) and observing many of the exciting activities taking place, such as climbing and the infamous giant swing. After a quick tour, we unpacked our bags and enjoyed some free time. Some of the children decided to play football with Mr Webb, who scored a goal! The other children played chess with Mrs Kestle. For dinner, the children had fish fingers, chips, and beans. After dinner, the children enjoyed singing songs around a campfire! This certainly warmed us up!  We hope the children enjoy a restful night sleep and we look forward to updating you with more information tomorrow.


Mr Webb, Mrs Kestle and Year 6 🙂