Stubbington Day 4

We had a mostly dry day today for our activities although it was very windy at the beach!

Our mammal hotels, while 5 star, were not terribly successful but we were still able to study a Bank Vole up close.

This afternoon, we went to the beach. We created rock pools and populated them with living creatures. We went fossil hunting and built sandcastles.

This evening, we had The S Factor competition and went to the hide to watch the badgers again.

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Stubbington 2019 – Day 3

A busy day today! We started by finding out about the creatures that live in two of the ponds here at Stubbington. Following that, we built shelters out of branches. Mr. MacKenzie grudgingly helped by throwing water over two of them to test how waterproof they were.

In the afternoon, we explored the conservation area looking for tracks and signs of the creatures that live there. We then built small mammal hotels and put them out for the night.  Hopefully they will have guests in tomorrow evening.

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As an additional post, we also took time to say thank you to Miss Joyce for coming on the trip and helping out so much. The photos below go to show how much she does. One child, unprompted, described her as, ‘an excellent counterbalance to the teaching style of Mr. MacKenzie’. Another child said that she liked her hat.

DSCF8162 (640x480) DSCF8174 (640x480) DSCF8177 (640x480) DSCF8181 (640x480) DSCF8184 (640x480) DSCF8191 (640x480) DSCF8224 (640x480) DSCF8227 (640x480) DSCF8229 (640x480) DSCF8237 (640x480)