Stubbington 2019 – Day 3

A busy day today! We started by finding out about the creatures that live in two of the ponds here at Stubbington. Following that, we built shelters out of branches. Mr. MacKenzie grudgingly helped by throwing water over two of them to test how waterproof they were.

In the afternoon, we explored the conservation area looking for tracks and signs of the creatures that live there. We then built small mammal hotels and put them out for the night.  Hopefully they will have guests in tomorrow evening.

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As an additional post, we also took time to say thank you to Miss Joyce for coming on the trip and helping out so much. The photos below go to show how much she does. One child, unprompted, described her as, ‘an excellent counterbalance to the teaching style of Mr. MacKenzie’. Another child said that she liked her hat.

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9 thoughts on “Stubbington 2019 – Day 3

  1. Hi Zoë (and year 5),
    We’re really looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. It’s lovely seeing the photographs, and being able to read about what you’re all doing (thank you Mr MacKenzie).
    The mammal hotels sound exciting – Gingersnap says he doesn’t want you to catch anything because he’s not going to make room for any guests in his cage. He’s hiding all of his food so he doesn’t have to share it. He’s been having lots of attention. Alex has now moved into your room too, don’t worry he says he won’t dribble on your pillow, he’s brought all of his own things with him.
    See you soon, loads of love Mummy, Daddy, Ned, Alex and Little G

  2. Hi Robyn,

    It’s great getting these glimpses of what you’re up to and spotting you in the photos – sometimes just the odd arm or leg! Looks like you’re all having a wonderful time.

    I have to say, Dedenne’s been acting a little strangely, dare I say suspiciously, while you’ve been away. Not sure what’s going on. The other night he seemed happily tucked up in bed (well reasonably happily; he’s been complaining we haven’t been feeding him enough, but it’s all lies), then a few minutes later I caught him using the computer. He said he was working (in the middle of the night, I ask you?!) but I’m not so sure. Here, see for yourself:

    He also knows a surprising amount about Stubbington – the ponds, adventure playground, games room, and especially the dining hall?!

    Anyway, he’s happy enough (apart from regular complaints about his apparently inadequate diet!). I guess all will become clear at some point. No need to worry yourself about it! 🙂

    Missing you, but so pleased you’re having this adventure. Thank you Mr MacKenzie, Miss Joyce, and all the staff at Stubbington. See you soon!

    Lots of love, Dad, Mum, Sim, Alex… and yes, Dedenne xxx

  3. Hi Bella,

    Finally you got in some photos! Yesterday I thought perhaps you hadn’t gone to Stubbington after all! 🙂

    It looks like you’re having a great time, I hope you get some visitors in your mammal hotel! Missing you lots, Phoebe especially.

    It’s been raining lots here, I’m glad you’ve managed to get outside despite the weather.

    Can’t wait to see you on Friday

    Lots of love from Mummy, Phoebe and Sean xxx

  4. Thank you for the updates and photos, it’s so lovely to see what you’ve all been up to. We can’t wait to hear what you find in your mammal hotels!
    All good here Charlie but we are missing you. Hazelnut had a play with Daisy yesterday and nibbled her French book! You may come home to a French speaking hamster!!
    Keep having fun and we’ll see you in one more sleep!
    Thank you to Mr Mackenzie and Miss Joyce.
    Mummy, Daddy, Daisy, Paddy, Hazelnut and the guineas xxxxxx

  5. Awesome adventures!! Those camps are seriously hardcore, we could probably live quite comfortably in them. Isla I sent you a another little note in the post yesterday, hopefully will arrive in Stubbington today. Well we are very much looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow afternoon. Lots of love from mummy xxx

  6. Hi Tylor

    Looks like you and all your friends are having a great time, enjoy the last of your week we all can’t wait to see you and here all about your week
    We miss and love you so much
    Lots of love mum, dad and jay

  7. Hi Isla

    It looks like you are having a fab and fun time. We hope you found some small mammals in your shelters today. I’m sure small creatures would be pleased to get out of the rain. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Love from Nana and Pop xxxx

  8. Hi Ben

    We are really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. We want to hear all about your adventures. Enjoy your last evening and night at Stubbington!

    Love, mum, dad, Lottie and Penny


  9. Hi Mia and yr 5! Have loved seeing all the pictures of your adventures. Hope you’re all having a wonderful time. Enjoy your last night and can’t wait to see you tomorrow! The boys are missing their Mia too. Lots of love mummy, joe, Frank, boms and noonies xxxxxxxx

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