Stubbington Day 4

We had a mostly dry day today for our activities although it was very windy at the beach!

Our mammal hotels, while 5 star, were not terribly successful but we were still able to study a Bank Vole up close.

This afternoon, we went to the beach. We created rock pools and populated them with living creatures. We went fossil hunting and built sandcastles.

This evening, we had The S Factor competition and went to the hide to watch the badgers again.

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2 thoughts on “Stubbington Day 4

  1. Hi Robyn, Year 5, Mr M and Miss J,

    What a lovely day you’ve had today! I know that all of us parents and family cannot wait to have you back home but enjoy every last moment there.

    I’m sure everyone has had an amazing time and you guys are going to come back a bit more independent than before you went!

    Big hugs waiting…

    Safe journeyings home!

    Lots of love, Mum, Dad, Sim, Alex & naughty Dedenne XXXX

  2. Hi Zoë,
    It looks, and sounds, like you’re having a brilliant time! Hope that home isn’t going to be too dull for you when you get back, we can’t wait to see you later!
    The boys have been making the most of looking after Gingersnap in your room, I’m afraid there might be a bit of tidying up that needs doing, we’ll try and find Gingersnap with you later and you’ll have some replacement furniture coming soon …

    Loads of love, Mummy, Daddy, Ned, Alex and Gingersnap

    PS Huge thanks to Mr MacKenzie and Miss Joyce for this week, and we like Miss Joyce’s hat too

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